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Go Away by 2NE1 (Debut Song)

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Go Away by 2NE1 (Debut Song)

Post  similywon on January 6th 2011, 6:11 pm

Hey guys!(:

Now, the debut song is: GO AWAY by 2NE1! So usually for temp collabs, the deadline is about 10 days long. So this time, I'm splitting the deadline into two parts. The first part (5 days) is how long we're giving you to learn the song, and the second part (5 days) is how long you guys get to record. That okay? Very Happy

At the end of the first deadline, please tell us what parts a bit tough for you so we can maybe give you different parts in the song. We're trying to give everyone equal parts!

So, the deadline date for learning the song will be 5 days from tomorrow, Wednesday the 12th.
The deadline date for your recorded parts is undecided at the time, because I will have to split up the parts first! Very Happy

Thanks White Fire!
Mily (:

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