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A.Shin/purplecookiedough's covers !

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A.Shin/purplecookiedough's covers !

Post  purplecookiedough on January 16th 2011, 11:50 pm

wooh~ so i finally got off of my lazy butt and decided to make one of these. so here they are :

CUBE AUDITION VIDEOO~[i'm the one without glasses] :

please wish me luck <3 you can like, dislike, comment, hate, share, not share, whatever. just please watch it all the way through. don't just vote to be nice, please vote if you truthfully think my friend and i did a good job. also, subscribe to this channel (: i might post up some no-edit, face-showing covers on this channel. of course my friend will too. isn't she so good ? i'm so jealous Mad but i love her <3

SHINee - hello [no edit, first video EVERR] :

SHINee - replay [horrible mixing, first time mixing] :

SHINee - Lucifer :

SHINee - Please Don't Go [bad beginning]

2ne1 - can't nobody [finally not shinee!]

b2st - shock :

gpbeatz contest entry :

sistar - how dare you :

Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl [duet cover] :

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